About us

I’m Conny, the owner, creator, and maker of all products at SunRose Bakery.

I grew up in Germany, where bread is a staple in everyone’s life and bakeries carry many different breads and rolls, constantly freshly made.

After being diagnosed with several food allergies and resulting health issues, I rolled up my sleeves and started eating myself out of my misery with my allergy-friendly baked goods and lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

I want to build a place for people who are in the same situation as I am and provide substitutes for items they can’t have anymore. My home-based licensed bakery is not certified to be gluten or nut free, but I’m not using gluten flours in my formulas, and I have a nut-free option for most of my goods.

I’m working on new recipes all the time and since I only have small batches I’m able to switch to new items or modify recipes very quickly. I love to connect with my customers and find out what their food struggles are and how I can help!

Protection of our environment is a big theme in my life and I try to reduce waste as much as I can.

All my paper goods I use for packaging or baking are non-bleached, made from recycled materials, and are biodegradable or compostable. I still have a lot of work to do to find better solutions and if you can give me an idea please share!

We only have one Earth and one Life. Make it as enjoyable for everyone as we can.